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Reducing Health Care Expenses With The Best Ear Plugs

No matter what occupation you have and no matter what environment you’re in, having the best ear plugs can reduce your healthcare related expenses to a significant degree. According to the Deafness Research Foundation, 15 % of Americans between 20 and 69 have high frequency hearing loss because they have been exposed to a high noise environment. Moreover 12.3% of Americans have Tinnitus due to various reasons. The numbers are more staggering if you factor in the actual amount of Americans in the equation. 15% of Americans equates to 26 million people. That’s quite a lot if you think about it.

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The cheapest of the best ear plugs cost only about $3 to $25. If you think about it, an Elvex Maximuff only costs about $13.10 and you can practically use them for a very long time. Whereas an Elvex Blue reusable ear plug only costs about $1.20 in Let’s say for example that you are going to buy 2 sets of an Elvex blue plug and use them for a year, that would be about $2.40. Multiply that by 10 years and you incur an expense of $24. Multiply that by 20 years and you make an expense of $48. The arithmetic is simple if you compare it with purchasing hearing aids which run into the thousands. Add to that all the medical expenses including doctor’s fees and medication and you have yourself a major financial problem. This is money that you should rather be spending on your leisure and travel.

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The conclusion is really simple. If you want to protect one out of your 5 senses, then invest a little amount and get the best ear plugs for your ear. Besides, they’re also very good to protect you from noise specially in instances when your work requires you to be in a high noise environment. This is true if you are a DJ, a construction worker, a wood worker or when work near airplanes. Aearo is a company that endeavors to provide maximum protection for people using technology. In its line of auditory protection devices are the Peltor line of ear muffs and plugs. Their price range is only a paltry amount when compared to hearing aid solutions and medication.

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The difference between the best ear plugs and ear muffs are twofold. One is the cost and the other is how they are fitted in. Headphones surround your ear and enable you to hear some ambient sounds like conversation and ear plugs stop you altogether from hearing anything. If you are a professional and you require the use of auditory protection devices, you know fully well how difficult it can be to work in an environment where you usually have to shout just to get heard. You also know that you need to hear and communicate effectively in order to perform your job. It’s something that comes along with the job. Now here’s the million dollar question: What do you think will happen if you suddenly lose your hearing? What are the expenses you would incur should this happen? Does your company provide coverage for these occupational hazards? Will your insurance cover these? If the answer to these are not satisfactory, then you really should consider getting yourself a cheap and reliable solution in the form of ear plugs.

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